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 “I Want It Now!” - Help for Over-Indulged Children! 

Do you have children who get anything they want whenever they want at home, and then come into your classroom expecting the same thing? Receive 10 (maybe more) classroom-tested strategies that work to reduce anger, teach children better self-regulation, and how to ask for what they want in a calm way, and how to be okay when they don’t get it.

 Start the Day the Best Way – Mornings Made Easy 

How to handle the transition from home to school ª Tips for overcoming morning madness Greetings that sizzle and prevent problems * Morning songs * Welcome rituals * How to start your day the Appelbaum Way

 Treasure Trove of Counting & Math Fun! 

A goldmine of beginning math chants, songs, and fingerplays to teach shapes, sorting, and counting * Awaken the mathematical minds of young children with a wealth of activities * 1,2,3 Blast Off * Tapping Counting Fun * One, Two, Zoo, Size Hunt *Lots of fun activities you can implement immediately

Every Child is Special! Celebrating Differences 

Great ways to teach children to appreciate and respect differences.  Learn specific strategies to help all children feel accepted * Prevent teasing and making fun of children, and instead promote kindness and caring. 

Different But the Same with Dr. Alex Yudovich

Embracing differences and empathizing with the hardships children with differences, syndromes, or abnormalities have to work through * Covid 19 and Covid 19 Vaccine updates * Enjoy this fun session with child care's favorite pediatrician. 

 5-Hour Certificate 

After viewing, pass a brief follow-up exam for a 5-hour certificate. (Retake fee $5)

CDA CANDIDATES: This training can be applied toward the CDA formal early childhood training requirement of 120 hours.


Category: Environment & Curriculum Child Growth and Development Child Discipline/Interactions


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