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Applebaum Training

Thank you for another awesome seminar ATI! (it said Marty!) Our children’s Center loves coming to your seminars every year!

Jessica Von Oy, Bristol CT

Today’s training reminded me how sometimes the little things are so powerful and important to preschool students, like hugging them or singing to them to help them have a magical preschool experience.

Ashley Liles, Philadelphia PA

As a first time teacher and having such fun learning from Appelbaum Training Institute! Can’t wait to use so many of these tips and tricks in my preschool classroom!! Thanks Appelbaum!

Juliette Rayser, Cherry Hill NJ

ATi is amazing. This is my second ATI seminar. Always keep us teachers excited and engaged and most importantly learning how to be better teachers.

Porscha Opehlia, Tampa FL

I enjoy the humor-based format and the delivery content. Relaxed learning.

Dawn Hudnell, Portland OR

It’s always a fantastic learning seminar with Appelbaum Training Institute. I always look forward to attending and learning many new strategies to use in my classroom. Thank you for putting your heart into this.

Reyna Melendez, Los Angeles CA

This seminar has helped me build more confidence as a teacher/educator. It has shown me ways to handle behaviors, communications with families, and multiple ideas to utilize in my classroom. The joy of being an educator and loving your job!

Allisha Miller, Cedar Rapids IA

I have been in the preschool world for 20 years yet always learn something new at ATI Trainings. Thanks for making it fun and giving us tools to use next week!

Emily Cole Podhorsky, St Louis MO

Thanks ATI. Love the ideas and message through humor and relatable real life explanations.

Michelle Kane, Chicago IL

This was such an amazing experience. Teachers! ATI is a MUST attend conference. Nichelle Webster

Nichelle Webster, Dallas TX

This has reignited my heart for my job. This has reminded me why I’m getting a degree in Early Childhood Development! Thank you ATI! God Bless

Lindsey Cooper, Birmingham AL

I am loving this awesome seminar!! It was a blast dancing in the dance contest. #somuchfun! I will be here every year.

Jansen Goodwin Sr, Little Rock AR

Everyone should spend a day with an Appelbaum!!

Erin Oufnac, New Orleans LA

Everyone should spend a day with an Appelbaum!!

Erin Oufnac, New Orleans LA

Appelbaum trainings are so awesome. They encourage and motivate and give teachers a “New Charge!”

Lisa Sondej, Cleveland OH

Fun, Exciting, Educational and lots of Love! Thank you.

Debra Tatum, Denver CO