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Blast Off: Launching Young Learners

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Great Classroom Management Strategies for Common Discipline Dilemmas
Do you have many of the same children misbehaving every day?  Receive effective strategies you can immediately implement * Solutions for drop-off time * Strategies for Circle time success * Put an end to hurtful behaviors & roughhousing * Calm tantrums * How to settle the sillies and calm children

Awesome Art Activities, Fun and Creativity Kids Love
Art can be a powerful tool in child development that enhances creativity * Receive oodles of art activities using everyday objects like duct tape, cotton balls, paper plates, construction paper, coffee filters, and more * Handprints Fun * Process learning * Enhance creativity and learning through these joyful art activities

“Some Parents Are Driving Us Crazy!”  Success Strategies with Challenging Parents
Turn difficult parents into cooperative parents * Strategies for success with the “Know-It-All * Helicopter parent * Backstabbing parent * Parent whose child does no wrong * Parent who thinks you are not fair * Defensive parent * Overly indulgent parent * Angry & negative parents

The Caring Connection:  How to Balance Love and Limits
Five powerful ways to establish a caring connection * How to be an Intentional Teacher * The art of meaningful conversations * Ways to gain the trust of children * Promote values in children like respect, honesty, and responsibility * Effective ways to balance and love and caring with limits

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After viewing, pass a brief follow-up quiz for a 5-hour certificate. (Retake fee $5)

CDA CANDIDATES: This training can be applied toward the CDA formal early childhood training requirement of 120 hours.

Category: Pre-Service Environment & Curriculum Family & Community Child Growth and Development


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