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Whatever It Takes! What All Successful Directors Must Know and Do

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20 Sanity Saving Solutions to Get Staff to Stop Quitting
“Oh no! Not again!!!”  You may find yourself saying this when staff quit, often without any notice!  Staff turnover can be one of the toughest issues facing early childhood managers.  Learn effective strategies for building a team in which everyone wants to participate. Receive motivation strategies that work, and stop staff turnover

10 Keys to Hiring the Staff You Need NOW
Learn the success secrets of finding staff even during these crazy times.  How to find staff that really want to work * Receive keys for how to market and who to market to so that you find staff eager to go to work for you.  Learn what to say and what to do.  Receive keys to success in hiring

10 Secrets of Highly Successful Centers
Some centers have been surviving and thriving through the pandemic and now through these new times of high inflation, harder-to-get staff, and all the problems that child care managers may have.  Learn the secrets to help your business survive and thrive.

25 Great Stressbusters for Directors
Child care managers often have heaps of stress coming at them from all directions, and it’s hard to turn it off even after the last child and staff member leaves at the end of the day. Beat stress before it beats you. Receive expert-tested strategies that you can immediately implement to feel better at the end of each day.

20 Ways to Halt Whining, Complaining, & Troublemaking of Parents and Staff
Seven ways to deal positively with difficult staff and parents * Must-knows for parents and staff that are negative * How to handle whiners * Gossips * Workplace Drama * Staff Tardiness * Positive Ways to turn complaints into solutions

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