Today's Children Tomorrow's Future - Chicago

LIVE • In-Person at Marriott Hotel
November 20, 2021
8:00 am to 1:00 pm Central Check Time Zones

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Credits: 0.50
Earn 5 Clock Hours

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* Reduced capacity for this in-person event. 

* Register early to guarantee your spot.

You do not have to choose. All of the following  5 TOPICS  will be covered. 

* 25 Alternatives to Raising Your Voice, Nagging, and Saying “No”
Do you find yourself sometimes nagging or saying the same things over and over again, and still the children do not listen? Do you say, “no,” and some children still do what they want? This topic is for you! Get 25 classroom-proven things to say and do that will end raising voices, nagging, and saying “no.”

* Soaring into Literacy Fun and Learning
Receive awesome and fun strategies to create joy in literacy* Creative ideas for teaching letters * Make storytime come alive * Fun sing-alongs for literacy fun * Sing-a-story fun * Letter games that teach * Awesome activities to develop fine-motor coordination and learn letters * Great ways to promote a love of literacy in your class

* The Magnificent 5: How to Teach 5 Skills Every Child Needs
Learn how to teach the important skills children need for success io life.
Skill 1: How to Focus
Skill 2: How to Have Self-Control
Skill 3: How to Have Relationships/Friendships
Skill 4: How to Think Critically
Skill 5: How to Communicate
Receive great strategies to help children now and in life.

* 30 Great Stressbusters for Teachers of Young Children
Do you ever feel overwhelmed and over-stressed? Learn great stressbusters to handle stress and to enhance resiliency * 30 awesome stressbusters that will boost your spirits, help to handle pressure with greater calmness and clarity * Get refreshed and recharged to enhance personal productivity and feel better than you have felt in a long time.

* 10 Time Tested Strategies to Make Teaching Easier
Learn these time-tested strategies to do each day to make the day brighter for you and for the children * Easy to implement methods to make your classroom achieve significant improvement * Use these strategies to increase your effectiveness and also reduce challenging behaviors * Learn how to know when to pivot and change tactics


Receive 5 CLOCK HOURS (.5 CEUs)
Recognized by the Illinois Dept. of Child and Family Services.
We are a "Gateways" authorized entity.  Organization ID #B87082


As you know, our country is continually modifying guidelines in response to COVID-19. These measures vary by state, locale and vaccination rate. We want you to know our institute will follow all state or local mandates as well as hotel requirements. We will adhere to all requirements and timelines. We ask for your cooperation in helping us follow the recommended guidelines in place on the date of this seminar that balance the values of safety and respect. The great news is that “WE ARE BACK” and so happy to be able to offer you this in person seminar in Chicagoland.

Below are current guidelines in place for this event.

  • Participants are welcome to attend with or without a face covering. 
  • There will be increased distance between chairs and room capacity will be reduced.
  • Coffee and snacks will not be provided. Please bring your own food and beverage.

Regular Registration

NO LATER THAN Nov. 15, 2021

Group size 1-9 people: $39.00 per person

Group size 10+: $36.00 per person

Late Registration

NO LATER THAN Nov. 16 - 19, 2021

Group size 1-9 people: $44.00 per person

Group size 10+: $39.00 per person

Onsite Registration $49.00 if seats available


Category: Environment & Curriculum Child Growth and Development Child Discipline/Interactions


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