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Tiny Hands, Big Hearts for Infants and Toddlers

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Brain Smarts:  Moving Matters
Newborns undergo the greatest rate of physical development during the first years of life.  Being physically active is important for healthy growth and development * Learn fun things to do with infants and toddler that will serve as a foundation for life * Great Brain Games

Say "Bye" to Biting, Hitting, and Tantrums!  Say "Hello" to Hugging & Caring
Learn the reasons tots bite and hit * Discover how to turn conflict between tots into teaching moments *  How to handle a child that bites or hits over and over again * What to do and what to never do when a toddler bites * Developmentally appropriate ways to manage and stop biting and hitting

The Keys to Success for Developing Language in Young Children
See yourself as a brain builder for language * How to turn everyday moments into brain-building moments for learning language skills * The importance of Teacher-ese* Learn what the research shows on special ways of talking to children to increase their language skills * Sign language and infants

No More Tears! Diaper Changing Made Easy and Better
How to take the regular occurrence of changing diapers and turn it into an opportunity for bonding and increased communication * How to make changing diapers more fun for both you and the child * Use “back and forth,” “serve and return,” communication

Watch Me Grow!  Teaching Positive Social Behaviors
Did you know that research shows that even very young infants prefer faces and sounds and emotions that are positive?  Learn ways to help foster empathy, kindness, caring, and sharing in tots.  Learn the power of the 4 E’s * Use “Mind-Mindfulness” to teach tots about emotions * Teach even young children problem solving

"Let's Go!" Winning Ways to Potty Train
Learn the ins and outs of potty training * When to start * How to do it successfully * How to get parents on board * How to handle pushy parents who want their child potty trained before the child is ready


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This training can be applied toward the CDA formal early childhood training requirement of 120 hours.


Category: Environment & Curriculum Child Growth and Development


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