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No More Misbehaving

29 Difficult Behaviors and How to Stop Them

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At last! The answers you need for 29 difficult behaviors that can “drive you crazy” and disrupt the whole class. This webinar includes the most common misbehaviors that some children repeat over and over. Learn strategies that work and provide immediate results!  

1. Anger
2. Biting
3. Bossiness
4. Bullying
5. Cannot sit still
6. Cannot keep their hands to themselves
7. Climbing on furniture
8. Defiance
9. Disrespect
10. Do not listen
11. Fighting

12. Hitting
13. Inappropriate Language (Profanity)
14. Licking furniture and anything else in sight
15. Make weird sounds

16. Naptime struggles
17. Needing constant attention
18. Overindulged child
19. Power struggles
20. Running
21. Strong-willed children
22. Talking Back
23. Tattling
24. Temper Tantrums
25. The Class Clown
26. Whining

27. Untruthful
28. Will not share
29. Yelling

All This and More Including:
 "Teacher First"
The #1 Most Important Thing Every Teacher Must Know In Order to Manage Children Who Misbehave


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Category: Child Growth and Development Child Discipline/Interactions