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Strategies for Success for Children with Learning Disabilities (LD)
Do you have children who have trouble following directions?  Do you say something and a child seems to get it and later forgets it?  Learn the warning signs of (LD) learning disabilities and how to help children

Play Smart:  Brain Boosters for Young Children
The first 5 years hold the keys for brain development in young children * Learn ways to nurture the brain * 4 key components of a brain-based learning environment * The importance of nurturing a growth mindset * Help children with brain-based activities that promote brain smarts

20 Sizzling Strategies for the 2 T’s:  Tantrums & Tattling
Leading-edge solutions for common early childhood problems * Practical effective strategies for out-of-control behavior and melt-downs in toddlers and preschoolers * Awesome strategies to prevent and stop tattling in its tracks

How to Teach Children Classroom Rules So They Follow Them
Do you have some children who won’t follow the rules?  Learn positive strategies that work * How to involve children in rule setting * Make teaching rules fun * How to sit in circle * How to walk and not run in the classroom * How to use a low voice instead of screaming * Learn these and much more.

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