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January 30, 2021
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The Essentials of What is Happening in Child Care Licensing
Child care licensing has made many changes since Covid-19 began. Learn about new standards and/or rules in Texas and frequently happening in other states * Problems Licensing is seeing in child care * A Wish List for Child Care Centers * Resources Directors can use 


The Impact on Child Care and the Vaccine
Myths and truths about the vaccine * Important facts about Covid-19 and children * Now there is a vaccine to help prevent coronavirus * Learn what it will do and how to make sure your center is safe and protected


The American Rescue Plan: A 25 Billion Emergency Stabilization Fund for Child Care
Due to increases costs and lower enrollment, many child care programs need relief. The new administration in Washington DC is proposing a 25 Billion Emergency Stabilization Fund for child care providers.  Get in the know about the billions of dollars that will be available to child care if the American Rescue Plan Act passes and how it may benefit you and your child care.


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There will be a two Q&A sessions for you to ask your questions to our experts.


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Category: Management & Leadership


Dr. Maryln Appelbaum

Dr. Maryln Appelbaum

Dr. Maryln Appelbaum is well-known as an outstanding authority on children, education, and families. She has a Master’s Degree in both Psychology and in Education and a Ph.D. in Psychology. She has worked as both an educator and a therapist and has been a consultant throughout the United States. Maryln has been the owner and headmaster of three educational centers and one private school for children. She has written more than 30 “how-to” books geared exclusively for teachers and parents. She is especially known for her books, "DO IT RIGHT, A POSITIVE GUIDE FOR DISCIPLINE", and "HOW TO TALK TO KIDS SO THEY LISTEN." Her books, videos, posters, CDs, and audiotapes are used throughout the United States as well as in Canada and in South America. She has been interviewed on television and radio talk shows and has been quoted in newspapers including U.S.A. Today. She received White House Clearance in 1989 as a leading contender for the position of Director of the U.S. Office of Child Care.

Maryln has always loved the challenge of reaching and engaging challenging, hard to reach, tough students. She keeps going until she finds the tools she needs to reach those students. She delights in sharing those tools, strategies, solutions, and interventions with other educators. She makes use of her background in both education as well as psychology. She is powerful, fun, motivational, and most of all caring as she shares her personal experiences working with children. You will leave her seminar filled with information, solutions, and strategies, inspired to implement what you have learned the very next day with your own students.

Marty Appelbaum

Marty Appelbaum

Martin Appelbaum has spent a lifetime dedicated to his objective to make a profound and positive difference in children's lives. In addition to his B.B.A. Degree and Montessori teaching certificate, Martin has been both administrator and director of child care centers and private schools, working his way up from a teacher's aide position. He authored two Early Childhood Education (ECE) courses used by college undergraduate students and ''How to Teach Children to Follow Rules'', ''The Big Book of Play for Little Learners'', and ''Keys to Success''. His zest for living, unique sense of humor, and personal experiences combined with his concentrated knowledge of child care make each seminar refreshingly fun and information-packed. You will wish you didn't have to wait until Monday to be with your class.

Dr. Alex Yudovich

Dr. Alex Yudovich

Alex Yudovich, MD is a board-certified pediatrician in Houston, Texas and is affiliated with Texas Children’s Hospital. He serves a medically underserved population. His expertise is in preventative medicine as well as education through interactions. He is an expert in guiding schools through re-opening and guiding schools through Covid-19 best practices.

Christina Harvey

Christina Harvey

CHRISTINA HARVEY, is the Regional Director of Child Care, Department of Human Services. She has 32-years of experience working with children & child care and has spent more than a decade with child care licensing. She is a caring expert who will give you the inside scoop on child care licensing & must-knows for your child care.


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