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*Sure-Fire Strategies for HIRING Staff Who Stay
Finding, hiring, and keeping the right staff is often a #1 issue for Child Care Managers. *How to find great staff who are right for your center * Take the guesswork out of hiring * Where and how to advertise * The Interview: Learn questions that will weed out people who are not the right fit * The best way to hire staff that will do a great job and stay * 

*25 Expert Strategies to Reduce Turnover & Build Team Spirit
Staff turnover can be one of the toughest dilemmas facing early childhood managers.  Learn effective strategies for building a team in which everyone wants to participate, motivation strategies that work, and stop staff turnover

*20 Ways to “Grow” Excellent Staff
When you finally find excellent staff, it’s important to have ways to “grow” each from the ground up so that they will stay * Creative ways to provide training that sticks and that your staff will actually implement * Teambuilding strategies * Get great solutions to build a team who will remain for a long time

*20 Leadership Skills Every Director Needs to Have
Get a handle on all the everyday situations that come up * Sometimes it may feel like your work is never done. It doesn’t have to be that way! Keep up to date with things you need to do * Top-notch organizational skills that work * Get a handle on managing your time so you have more time for yourself and your family

*How to Successfully Handle Difficult Problem Employees
Difficult staff members can create workplace chaos that spreads throughout your entire staff.  Learn the top 5 child care staff complaints and what to do about them * Terrific tools for difficult employees


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