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Calm the Crazies – Expert Strategies for the Child Who Takes Up Your Attention Every Day
Do you have that one child that takes up your attention from the moment of arrival to the end of the day?  This child takes up so much attention all day that you sometimes feel guilty that you are not spending more time with the class because you are always “putting out fires.” Receive expert strategies on how to get through to this child so the child instead of getting constant attention is now able to learn and play independently and cooperatively.

Early Childhood Educators Rock All Day Every Day!!!
Discover the magic of being an early childhood educator!  Learn 10 ways you influence children’s lives now and in the future!  The power of the early childhood educator in changing and transforming lives for the future

Teaching Respect to Children in a Disrespectful World
Learn great ways to teach Respect, Caring, and Kindness * How to build a peaceable classroom * Kindness art * The Helping Hand Tree * The Kindness Song * The Sharing Flower * The “Safety Rule” * Teach children respect for each other.

Tap, Clap, & Chant Classroom Management with a Beat
Stop Challenging Behavior in its Tracks with the Power of Music!
How to Use Music to Reduce Challenging Behaviors
Do you have children who don’t listen no matter how many times you tell them?  You will love this fun way to have children listen * Great way to teach rules and handle discipline problems without raising your voice or losing your cool * Powerful fun ways to take control of your classroom

The Little Scientist: Full STEAM Ahead with Fun Activities
Great DIY science activities children will love * Open up the minds of young learners with lots of fun activities, easy experiments, and games * Develop critical thinking skills they will need later *  Create a love of science at a young age with these playful and fun activities


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CDA CANDIDATES: This training can be applied toward the CDA formal early childhood training requirement of 120 hours.




Category: Child Growth and Development Curriculum


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