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The Magical Years - ONLINE

Teaching Toddlers, Twos, Threes, and Fours

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October 23, 2021
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Watch LIVE or the recording within 2 weeks of the broadcast date - the recording will be removed on November 6

* Missouri and Minnesota only: Those in Missouri and Minnesota who wish to receive MOPD/Develop credit must take their certificate exam no later than noon on Monday, October 25, 2021


“IT’S MINE!”  Teach Children to Share and Take Turns

Young children do not naturally know how to share and care.  Learn how to teach these important life-lasting skills * How to Help children develop social and emotional competence * Games that teach children to care for each other * Teach cooperation & turn-taking.

20 Sanity-Saving Solutions to STOP BITING!

Biting can be one of the most frustrating misbehaviors, and typically the one that parents complain about the most * Get strategies that work to prevent and stop biting * Learn why children bite * The different types of bites and what do they each mean * 20 Sanity-Saving Solutions to Stop Biting

Engaging and Unleashing Every Child’s Gift

Are some children really gifted or do their parents just think they are?  The early years and their importance in bringing forth “giftedness” in all children * How the brains of children with special gifts are different * Bring out the best and provide the best opportunities for children who are gifted * Empower children to pursue and develop their gifts and talents

Help for Kids with Life Changes:  Divorce, Illness, Loss, New Sibling

Learn what to say to help children cope with life changes * 5 must-knows for helping children through traumatic events * What to say and do for children going through: Divorce * Separation * New Baby * Illness * Death * Remarriage *Loss of a pet

DIY Ways to Add Sparkle and Pizazz to Learning Centers  

Great ways to jazz up the centers you have and add more fun to new ones * Key strategies to successfully manage learning centers * Outdoor center fun * Literacy * Art * Math * Science * Great ideas to add fun and pizazz to your centers


5-Hour Certificate 

After viewing, pass a brief follow-up exam for a 5-hour certificate. The exam is an additional $5. See the bottom of this page to find the $5 exam, add it to your cart, and pay. You will see the exam in your Order History, but will not be able to take it until after the seminar ends on Saturday.


Regular Registration

NO LATER THAN October 21, 2021

Group size 1-4 people: $25.00 per person

Group size 5+: $21.00 per person

Late Registration

October 22, 23, 2021

Group size 1-4 people: $29.00 per person

Group size 5+: $24.00 per person

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