Kristi Dina ATI Seminars

Kristi Buck

Premier Speaker

Kristi Buck has been a member of the ATI speaking team for 18 years.  She is a passionate educator who enjoys traveling to share her teaching experiences with others.  Her Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies along with teaching certificates in Early Childhood through Grade 8, English as a Second Language and Gifted and Talented Education has allowed her to teach children in schools in the USA, England and Brazil.  She continues to teach in Houston, Texas where she was named Campus Teacher of the Year in 2020.  She was featured on TV, radio and newspaper for her teaching innovative “Carport Classroom” conducted during the spring of 2020 as Covid-19 closed onsite learning in Houston. ATI’s classroom curriculum for ages 2 and ages 3-5 was written by Kristi.  Nearly 40,000 educators have attended her training sessions.

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