Maryln Appelbaum ATI Seminars Founder

Maryln Appelbaum


Maryln Appelbaum is well-known as an expert on children and education. She has Master’s degrees in both Psychology and Education and has completed her doctoral studies in both. She has been owner and director of three early childhood centers and one private school. She has written more than 30 “how-to” books for teachers and parents, many of which have been approved for professional development training hours in most states. She is especially known for her books, "Do it Right, 101 Solutions for Discipline Dilemmas", "How to Handle Hard to Handle Students," "How to Handle Hard to Handle Parents," and "How to Talk to Kids So They Listen." She is the author of the daily email, “Message from Maryln,” read by over 100,000 educators and parents around the world. She has appeared on television and radio and has been quoted in newspapers. Over 200,000 educators have attended training events led by Maryln.

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