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Monday, February 20, 2017

President’s Day – One of the happiest days in my life

We used to celebrate 2 separate holidays, George Washington’s birthday and Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. I had something that would forever change my life happen on George Washington’s birthday. I woke up very early that morning in early labor. My baby wasn’t due for another couple of weeks. I rode to the hospital praying I would get there because it was in Cleveland, Ohio and there was a snow blizzard. I remember the pain of labor. In those days you were put alone in a room, and your husband couldn’t come with you. I remember at one point overhearing a nurse talking to another nurse and saying, something seemed wrong with my baby. I felt terror hearing that, and I remember praying and feeling comforted afterwards that my baby would be all right in spite of what the nurses said. I remember giving birth and holding my child for the first time and the miracle that was. I remember someone coming into the room and suggesting I name him, “George Washington Appelbaum.” I didn’t name him that, but I did name him, Martin (Marty) Appelbaum. It was one of the happiest days in my life.

On this special day, President’s Day, that is what comes to mind for me. Every day there is another story on the news that is political. It can be frightening just like my ride to the hospital and labor was. I don’t have answers, but I believe with all my heart on this special day, President’s Day, that is that with hope in our hearts and prayers, our country will be blessed just like I was blessed with my awesome son. I believe that the children are our future, and that each of you every day touches the future, and helps make this world better because of it. I believe that you are all difference makers.

Happy President’s Day!

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