Message from Maryln


Monday, June 26, 2017


I was talking to children recently.  We had been together for several hours talking and having fun when I realized that one of the children was not talking as much.  Her eyes  were not as sparkly as they were earlier.  I asked her if she felt all right, and she said she was very tired and didn’t really feel well.  It turned out that she was ill.  I had tuned in to her CHILDVOICE, what was really going on inside her.

CHILDVOICE is not a TV show that will ever get an Emmy award.  Instead it is a live reality show that is on every day in your classrooms.  It is listening to the voices of children and what they are really saying.  Some children are not going to tell you that their parents had a fight last night or that they are afraid of the dark.  Instead they will just act differently.  You have to tune in to their CHILDVOICE.  While you may not get an “Emmy,” you will get your own reward of knowing inside that you made a difference in the life of a child.

Have a great day.  You are a difference maker.

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