Survival Guide for Secondary Teachers

Survival Guide for Secondary Teachers Strategies That Work

How to Handle Tough and Challenging Students
How to Manage the Stress Before It Manages You
How to Handle Difficult Parents
How to Manage Multiple Demands on Your Time
Boost Student Achievement and Increase Classroom Performance

ATi Seminar Agenda

Survival Guide for Handling Tough and Challenging Students
5 mistakes teachers make and how to avoid them
Powerful effective strategies for:
Students who are angry * Resentful
Students who are whiny * Uncooperative
Students who can’t sit still * Bully * Tattle

Tame Stress Before It Tackles You
How to handle pressure and crisis without losing your cool
5 most common causes of stress and realistic strategies to handle them
Hard hitting tips to handle pressure and problems with ease

How to Manage Multiple Demands on Your Time
How to manage multiple priorities and save time
Shortcuts and strategies to tame time-management issues

Must-Knows for Working with Difficult Parents
5 sure-fire ways to diffuse angry parents in their tracks
Keys to building positive relationships
#1 technique that wins over the most difficult parent

Enhance Student Achievement and Classroom Performance
How-to’s for accelerating student learning and retention
Powerful and effective ways to boost student achievement

University Semester Credit
Semester hours from The University of the Pacific Center for Professional and Continuing Education. $62 per credit. Acceptable to most participants, including many on district funding or release time, as credit is awarded for additional, “Teacher-Friendly,” follow-up activities. For Graduate Professional Development participants NOT pursuing an advanced degree at UOP. Enroll at the seminar, except in CT, NJ, OH, PA and WI. Credit for seminars in these states, or for other credit questions ONLY, call (800) 479-1995 .