Boost Test Scores (3-6)

Raise Test Scores in Hard to Handle Students

Must-know Methods to Prepare for Test-Taking
Best of the Best Remedies for Underachievers,LD,At-Risk Students
Succeeding with Students with ADHD
Powerhouse Collaborative Strategies
Reading, Math, Science, & Assessment Writing
Sure-Fire Differentiated Instruction Strategies
How to Motivate Disruptive Students

ATi Inservice Agenda

Must-know Methods to Prepare for Test-Taking
Teach test-taking skills * Reduce test anxiety before, during, and after the test
How to handle students who: “give up” while taking tests
Become frustrated during testing
Students who go too fast during test taking
How to help students avoid careless mistakes

Best of the Best Remedies for Underachievers, LD, & At-Risk Students
How to help students with memory recall
Tricks for helping students learn content
Help for students with LD Help for students who are at-risk
Short-cycle assessment

Succeeding with Students with ADHD
The #1 vital ingredient that students with ADHD need
Tools for handling students who are inattentive, hyperactive, and impulsive
Dozens of solutions and interventions used effectively in US classrooms

Winning with Standardized Assessment
Pre-assessment strategies
On-Going Assessment
Grades and Grading * Final Grades
Authentic tasks
Receive multiple assessment instruments you may duplicate for your students

Math, Reading, Science, & Assessment Writing in Hard to Handle Students
Schools must bring increasing percentages of children from all backgrounds up to
scratch on reading, math, and writing tests * Learn how to help students write to
achieve and improve
How to apply assessment writing to all areas of the curriculum

Sure-Fire Differentiated Instruction Strategies
Prepare students for test-taking with:

  • Tiered assignments
  • Curriculum Compacting
  • Flexible Grouping
  • Anchor Activities
  • Focus Activities
  • Projects and Problem-Based Learning

How to Motivate Disruptive Students
To help students learn you have to first manage the behavior
Powerful solutions for tough Students
How to handle: Chattering * Whining and Complaining * Tattling * Blurting out
How to avoid the attention-getting behavior cycle * How to reduce aggressive behavior

5 Vital Characteristics of Classrooms that Excel at Test-Taking
Research shows that schools that are within poverty areas can still succeed.
This important session will show you how to effectively apply the research to
your own students so they too excel regardless of socio-economic level.

Powerhouse Collaborative Strategies
How to build a powerful successful team
Must-know strategies in inclusive classrooms
How to communicate successfully to help students reach and exceed
expectations for standardized assessment

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University Semester Credit
Semester hours from The University of the Pacific Center for Professional and Continuing Education. $62 per credit. Acceptable to most participants, including many on district funding or release time, as credit is awarded for additional, “Teacher-Friendly”TM, follow-up activities. For Graduate Professional Development participants NOT pursuing an advanced degree at UOP. Enroll at the seminar, except in CT, NJ, OH, PA and WI. Credit for seminars in these states, or for other credit questions ONLY, call (800) 479-1995.