Inclusion: A to Z

Inclusion A to Z Adaptations for Diverse Learners (Grades 1-5)

PDD: Autism & Asperger’s * Bipolar Disorder
Gifted & Talented * Tourette’s * Dyslexia
Physical – Mental Challenges
Visual * Hearing * Speech Challenges

ATi Seminar Agenda

Best Practices – Adapting for Diverse Learners
9 things every educator must know to make effective adaptations
Adapting curriculum & instruction – 7 essential steps
Must-knows for activity based instruction

“Best of the Best” Adaptations: Part I
ADHD – Attention Deficit Disorder
LD – Learning Disorders
OCD – Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Tourette’s Syndrome

“Best of the Best” Adaptations: Part II
Gifted and Talented
Students with Mental Retardation * Acquired Brain Trauma
Hearing, Speech, & Communication Disorders
Visual Impairments

“Best of the Best” Adaptions: Part III
Emotional Disorders * Anxiety Disorders
Behavioral Disorders
Bipolar Disorder

“Best of the Best” Adaptations: Part IV
PDD: Autism & Asperger’s
Diabetes * Cancer * Cerebral Palsy
AIDS * Epilepsy * Asthma
Physical Orthopedic Impairments

“Must-Knows” for Diverse Learners
Adaptations for classroom instruction and written assignments
Reading assignments * Homework assignments
Math, Science, & Social Studies
Adapting Tests, Quizzes, and Grades

University Semester Credit
Semester hours from The University of the Pacific Center for Professional and Continuing Education. $62 per credit. Acceptable to most participants, including many on district funding or release time, as credit is awarded for additional, “Teacher-Friendly,” follow-up activities. For Graduate Professional Development participants NOT pursuing an advanced degree at UOP. Enroll at the seminar, except in CT, NJ, OH, PA and WI. Credit for seminars in these states, or for other credit questions ONLY, call (800) 479-1995.