How to Handle the Hard-to-Handle Student K-5

* This session is packed full of practical strategies!
  • Students with ADHD and LD
  • Students with Autism
  • Students with . . .
    • Aggression
    • Behavior Problems
    • Bipolar Disorder
    • Bullying
    • Constant Chatter
    • Defiance
    • Disruptions
    • Tattling

ATi Sample Agenda

* How to Handle Students with ADHD

  • 5 reasons students with ADHD misbehave and what to do about it
  • ATi’s tools for handling students who are inattentive and impulsive
  • Dozens of solutions and interventions used effectively in U.S. classrooms
  • The #1 vital ingredient that students with ADHD need

* How to Handle Defiance, Bullying, and Behavior Disorders

  • Expert tools for students who are defiant and angry.
  • Proven solutions for teaching students self-control.
  • 5 common mistakes in handling bullying and what to do instead.
  • Stop angry kids in their tracks! Must-Knows for behavior disorders.

* How to Handle Students with P.D.D.

  • ATi’s expert strategies for Autism
  • 10 positive strategies for students with P.D.D.
  • The how-to’s for students with Autism to succeed
  • How to successfully include students with P.D.D. in the classroom.

* How to Handle Students with Bipolar Disorder

  • 5 powerful solutions that keep these students calm
  • Powerful strategies for handling manic stage
  • #1 way students with Bipolar Disorder are different from adults with Bipolar Disorder
  • 3 best proactive strategies – Help for keeping students calm

* Fiver Key Skills for Students Who are Disruptive

  • Skill One – How to stop tattling and complaining
  • Skill Two – How to stop constant chatter
  • Skill Three – How to reduce aggressive behavior
  • Skill Four – Effective strategies for reducing conflicts
  • Skill Five – How to avoid the Attention Getting Behavior Cycle

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