ATI Speakers Can Come to You


Bring the best speakers in early childhood education to you at reasonable prices

Pick from a large list of available topics.
Here are just a few on the long list:

  • The Top 10 Early Childhood Discipline Problems and How to Fix Them

  • How to Handle Hard to Handle Parents & Build a Team

  • Awesome Inexpensive DIY Curriculum Strategies

  • “These kids are driving me up a wall!”  Power-Packed Solutions

  • Fun & Fabulous Activities for Different Seasons of the Year

  • The Insider’s Scoop on Stem:  Great Activities for Children

  • Stress Management for Busy Child Care Professionals

  • Love, Laughter, & Learning with Literacy

Laugh and Learn as you receive strategies you can immediately implement.

Great additional benefits include team building, skill building, and unity throughout staff.

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