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October 16, 2021
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Watch LIVE or the recording within 2 weeks of the broadcast date - the recording will be removed on October 31

* Missouri and Minnesota only: Those in Missouri and Minnesota who wish to receive MOPD/Develop credit must take their certificate exam no later than noon on Monday, October 18, 2021


How to Talk to Kids So They Will Listen 

Positive-proven strategies to help children listen the first time * Learn words to avoid and words to use instead * How to turn “no” into “yes” * The skills you will learn in this powerful session are based on Maryln Appelbaum’s best-selling book, How to Talk to Kids So They Listen, and they really work.

“Once Upon a Storybook Time”  Storytelling, Language & Literacy Fun

Great ideas for expanding language & literacy through stories * Storytelling:  The educational brain food for children * Storytelling tips to guarantee success * Fun ways to have children participate * Great tools to enhance story time * Story Songs * Story Circle

Is this typical? Recognize Developmental Delays and What to Do to Help

Do you have certain children and wonder if everything is ok?  Recognize the signs of developmental delays * Strategies to help children who are non-verbal or have delayed speech patterns * Help for children who are slower at grasping concepts * Help all children succeed

Mornings Made Easy! Start the Day the Best Way

How to handle the transition from home to school ª Tips for overcoming morning madness Greetings that sizzle and prevent problems ª Morning songs ª Welcome rituals ª How to start your day the Appelbaum Way

“I Want It Now!” - Help for Over-Indulged Children!

Do you have children who get anything they want, whenever they want, at home and then come into your classroom expecting the same thing? Receive 10 classroom-tested strategies that work to reduce anger, teach children better self-regulation, how to ask what they want appropriately, AND, just as important, how to be okay when they do not immediately receive what they want.


5-Hour Certificate 

After viewing, pass a brief follow-up exam for a 5-hour certificate. The exam is an additional $5. See the bottom of this page to find the $5 exam, add it to your cart, and pay. You will see the exam in your Order History, but will not be able to take it until after the seminar ends on Saturday.


Regular Registration

NO LATER THAN October 14, 2021

Group size 1-4 people: $25.00 per person

Group size 5+: $21.00 per person

Late Registration

October 15, 16, 2021

Group size 1-4 people: $29.00 per person

Group size 5+: $24.00 per person


Category: Discipline/Guidance & Development Environment & Curriculum Child Growth and Development


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