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Behaviors and Situations that Challenge Teachers - Chicago-IL

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LIVE • Crowne Plaza Hotel
February 17, 2024
8:00 am to 1:00 pm

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You do not have to choose. All three areas will be covered. 

1. Children’s Behaviors that Challenge Teachers
Sometimes it is one child. Sometimes it is many children.
Areas that will to be Covered:
* Whining
* Meltdowns
* Biting
* Hitting
* Pushing
* Naptime
* Drop Off
* Mealtime
* Children who do not listen and talk back
* Children who act wildly or climb on furniture
* Children who run in the classroom

2. Behaviors and Situations with Parents that Challenge Teachers
Sometimes it is one parent. Sometimes it is many parents.
Areas that will to be Covered:
* Ways to develop better relationships with parents and families
* Situations that cause roadblocks and damage parent relationships
* Developing rapport with all types of parent personalities
* Angry, negative or “there way is the only way”
* Helicopter
* Gossip
* Parents who don’t seem to care
* Parents who want you to potty train their child when their child isn't ready
* Parents who say their child does no wrong
* Parents who think you are at times unfair

3. Child Care Situations that Challenge Teachers
Areas that will to be Covered:
* Managing transitions without classroom chaos
* Making morning drop-offs and parent pick-ups a breeze
* Making circle time a fun experience for all
* Teaching rules so children like to follow them
* Halting the messes children making when they don’t put away their things
* Teaching children to be kind rather than pick on others or tease, tattle, or bully

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Category: Family & Community Child Growth and Development Child Discipline/Interactions