Turkey Day Thanks

November 23, 2020

Here is a great idea for celebrating Thanksgiving. Have your students go around the room and tell all the things for which they are grateful. It’s also a great thing to do at the Thanksgiving table.

I will start this Thanksgiving week by telling you some of my gratitude list. I am grateful for all those in our ATi office who work so hard to help others. I am grateful for our speakers who carry the message of making a difference into every seminar, in-service, keynote, and all of our weekly virtual learning webinars. I am grateful for my son, Marty, who leads our office and speaking team on our mission. I am grateful for family and friends. I am grateful for all of you who read these words. You are the ones who make such a huge difference for children every day. May God bless you and give you, your family, and friends a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Have a wonderful & thankful week. You are a difference maker!