How To Handle The Hard To Handle Parent and Build a Team!

How to Deal with Difficult Parents in Difficult Situations
How to Deliver Negative Reports to Parents
Understanding Parents of All Backgrounds
Everything You Need to Know About Parent Conferences
5 Ways to Get Parents to Follow Through at Home

ATi Seminar Agenda

Understanding Parents
The 5 most important things all parents want for their kids
The main reason parents do not come to the school and how to get them there
Important musts to know about diversity and parents
What parents of LD, ADHD, GT students really want
How to handle the parents of tough angry students

Everything You Need to Know About Parent Conferences
5 ways to win parents over within minutes
How to tell parents negatives and have them on your side
Checklist for parent conferences
How to avoid communication breakdowns

How to Handle the Hard to Handle Parent
7 ways difficult parents get their way and responses to each
3 response styles that never work with difficult parents
The S.T.A.L. technique
How to talk so parents listen
The right way to say “no”
Communication styles for success

Dealing with Parents in Difficult Situations
How to handle the “know-it-all,” “blamer,” and “defensive” parent
The single best response for, “He never does that at home.”
Harness the power of “Power Listening”
The best response to, “My child didn’t do it.”
Blueprint for success for getting “respect”
From “Conflict to Cooperation” in 3 Easy Steps

Parents as Partners: Working Together to Enhance Classroom Management
5 ways to get parents to follow through at home
Ending “Homework Blues” – The “Set Clock” approach
5 ways to increase parent involvement
Teach parents meaningful consequences for their children
“Teamwork at last” – the goal is reached

How To Handle Hard to Handle Parents book available at additional cost.


University Semester Credit
Semester hours from The University of the Pacific Center for Professional and Continuing Education. $62 per credit. Acceptable to most participants, including many on district funding or release time, as credit is awarded for additional, “Teacher-Friendly”TM, follow-up activities. For Graduate Professional Development participants NOT pursuing an advanced degree at UOP. Enroll at the seminar, except in CT, NJ, OH, PA and WI. Credit for seminars in these states, or for other credit questions ONLY, call (800) 479-1995 .